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Fundamental Financial Corp.

Debt Settlement can help borrowers settle their outstanding Unsecured Debt for an average of 35¢ to 50¢ on the dollar plus eliminate all interest charges!

Fundamental Financial Corp. COMMON CAUSES

Many individuals are stuck paying extraordinary high interest rates on their unsecured debt simply because they have made one or more late payments.  A typical creditor usually raises a client's interest rate 10% to 15% as soon as this occurs.  Hence, it is not uncommon to see individuals with interest rates well above 20% and 30%!  At those rates, individuals making the minimum monthly payment will have a hard time paying off their debt in their lifetime since a very minimal part of their payment actually goes towards paying down their outstanding principle balance!

Fundamental Financial Corp. THE SOLUTION

Our Affiliate Partner's Debt Settlement Program can assist borrowers who are having trouble keeping up with their unsecured debt payments because of higher interest rates or because of other financial hardships.  The program can help the borrower negotiate their outstanding unsecured debt balance for pennies on the dollar and also helps eliminate all the associated interest rate charges!  A borrower's creditors are contacted on their behalf to negotiate a payoff amount for each of their unsecured debt accounts.  The new payoff amount is on average 50% or less of the original debt amount!  Ultimately, the Debt Settlement Program can help borrowers get out of debt faster while reducing and eliminating corresponding principle and interest charges respectively!

Fundamental Financial Corp. DO I QUALIFY?

Every borrower's hardship and each individual creditor's qualification requirements are different but the following are some of the common things most creditors look for in potential debt settlement candidates; 1. Explanation of the borrower's financial hardships which have caused or are causing them to default on their unsecured debt payments (i.e., lay off, pay cut, new job...)  2. Willingness and ability to pay a reduced payoff amount (i.e., adequate available monthly income after monthly living expenses to cover future monthly electronic funds transfer payments that go towards a future payoff amount)  3. A borrower's total unsecured debt (placed into the program) must amount to at least $7,500 and each individual account (i.e., each credit card) must amount to at least $750.

Note: Actual results vary. Final settlement decisions and payoff amounts are ultimately determined by the corresponding creditors or collection agencies.  Fundamental Financial Corp. is an authorized representative of Impact Debt Relief.  All Debt Settlement negotiations are done directly by Impact Debt Relief.

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